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    Guangdong Zhaoqing West River Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    Product Center

    Model Project: Whole Carton Plant Design

    Fully Automatic Whole Carton Plant Design Solution

    1. This is the second fully-automatic high-speed corrugated cardboard production line of West River for customers. High-quality equipment achieves double harvest of investment income and sustainable cooperation.
    2. Calendar type single face meets the production requirements of multi-corrugating type, completes changing flutes in 5 minutes, and improves production efficiency.
    3. Automated logistics system design, to achieve the automatic logistics of paper roll and cardboard, in and out, 5Ply corrugated cardboard production line and 3Ply corrugated cardboard production line operation at the same time in one workshop, 24 hours, 3 shifts of non-stop production.
    4. Provide customers with the whole carton plant design solution, reasonable arrangement of space and equipment placement, as well as automated logistics links and the supporting of finishing-process equipment, and then to the laboratory and QC quality control and the digital management model of the whole carton plant.




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