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    Guangdong Zhaoqing West River Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    Product Center

    Model Project: 7Ply Corrugators

    2 3 5 7 layer Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machine Production Line

    2 3 5 7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machine Production Line



    1) The whole machine is controlled by the computer and equipped with two pairs of corrugated roller, it takes 5 minutes to change the roller.

    2) The whole machine is used hydraulic control technic to ensure the flute can high speed setting and gluing perfectly.

    3) Use direct-drive three points transmission, the running speed will faster than before.

    4) Use high pressure centrifugal fan with muffler to reduce noise.

    5) The roller is made from special alloy steel, the size is φ320/360/430mm, We use heat treatment technic to do the precision grinding. The surface is done by Hard Chromium Plating.

    6) The whole machine use high temperature lubricating grease.

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