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  • 铂金电玩城

    Guangdong Zhaoqing West River Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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    Product Center

    Model Project: European CE Standard

    European CE Standard Corrugated cardboard production line


    Model Project: Whole Carton Plant Design

    Fully Automatic Whole Carton Plant Design Solution


    Model Project: Intelligent Production Line

    1. Fully automatic intelligent corrugated cardboard production line industry 4.0 and advanced packaging technology are combined to achieve intelligent management of the complete production line from customers cardboard orders to productio


    Model Project: Samsung TV Package

    1. Automated corrugated cardboard production line for Samsung Vietnam factory. 2. The production combination of various corrugated cardboard flutes is realized by using cassette type single facer. 3. Inner vacuum Single facer most suitable


    Model Project: Single Face Corrugators

    1. Exported automatic 2Ply single face corrugated cardboard production line. This corrugated cardboard production line is the second produciton line of West River Machinery purchased by the customer. 2.Inner vacuum fast-changing single-face


    Model Project: 7Ply Corrugators

    2 3 5 7 layer Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machine Production Line


    Model Project: Malaysia

    High-Speed 5 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line


    Model Project: Fully Auto and Logistics

    We are full automatic corrugated carton making machine manufacturer。


    Model Project: Fully Auto 5Ply

    Exported to Europe Finland automatic high-speed multi-functional 5 ply corrugated board production line.


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